EA6/MA-063 (Jaumell)

15/May/2017    EA6/MA-063 (Jaumell)

Easy looking little hill ...

On May 14th, I hadn't planned any SOTA activity, and made it a very relaxing Sunday ...
So I went to the beautiful beach at Cala Mesquida, near Capdepera.
There is free parking in the dead-end street at Bar Willies here 39.741003, 3.429405

Beach at Cala Mesquida

While at the beach, I could see a hill in the distance, with a small stone watchtower on top.
I wondered if it also was a SOTA summit ? Of course it was ! ... as I found out when I returned in my B&B.

At the beachfront, I had seen some sign with walking tours (for tourists), one of those seemed to go to this watchtower, so I took a picture of it.

I hadn't prepared for this summit, but because I used MA-065 on May 13 to replace a summit I had to cancel earlier, this looked to be a good candidate.

So on May 15, I went back to Cala Mesquida, but this time not for sunbathing or swimming ... now it was SOTA time !
The walk to the top seemed easy, but it took me about one hour to walk from my car to the summit (pos 39.738262, 3.451393). My track is on SMP.

A Swedish couple was going the same way, and they took a nice picture of me.

EA6/ON7DQ on Jaumell MA-063

The tower on the summit is really only half of what it had been, but this provided a nice shaded spot to operate.

Operating spot

My fishing pole was attached to the 'vertice' to hold my endfed as usual, and I started calling CQ on 20m SSB. Propagation was at it worst, and after two QSO's I switched to 20m CW.
When I had only one QSO after a long time, I switched to 30m which went a little better.
In total I only got 10 QSO's, the minimum number on my EA6 trip.
Here the map of my QSO's (from Log2Map by ON6ZQ), all were from the north, and about the same distance :

Antenna and nice view from the summit

(to be continued ...)

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