Two summits near Trier

After my trip to Gran Canaria, and before taking off  to Friedrichshafen, I still found time to get away for a weekend to city of TRIER in Germany.
Being with two friends, I couldn't spend all my time on SOTA.

But on the Sunday of that weekend, I managed to drag my friends to two easy drive-up summits in the DM/RP association.

DM/RP-171, Röster Kopf - 708m, 6 points

There is a good parking spot along the road L146, at position 49.674106, 6.833372, which is already in the activation zone.

The parking spot is not a good place to set up though, it's all under the trees. So I walked some 100m further North, past the radio tower, to set up in a clearing at the summit.

The fishing pole at exactly 10 "steps" from the operating position, perfect to attach the end of my random endfed.
The 9:1 UNUN tied to the tree, as high as I can reach, so that is not very high, hi.
Operator and KX3 are ready, and ... action !

A short but good activation, 12 QSO's in the log, including 3 S2S.

DM/RP-449, Teufelskopf - 695m, 6 points

Driving to the parking spot is easy, the GPS position is 49.598526, 6.826607.
No walking needed.
There is a bench to set up, near the Michaelskapelle.
See a nice description of this summit (in German) by John, DK9JC here.

And yes, it's nice to have a real table to set up my station every once in a while  ...

Again a short activation, the log showed 14 QSO's , with one S2S.

See you on another summit soon ... 73,


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