All Benelux Summits

Some time ago, I posted a list on the SOTA Reflector, with all the parking spots I have used for the ON, PA and LX regions. I also added the average walking time to the summit.

While there is a description for each of those summits on this blog, it may be handy to have these lists in one easy to find place, so here we go ...

ON - Belgium

CodeNameAlt(m)PointsActivationsparking pos GPSAvg walking time
ON/ON-001Signal de Botrange695823650.501208, 6.093355zero
ON/ON-004Bois de Hazeille586611850.031536, 5.427229zero
ON/ON-006La Croix Scaille503612349.954181, 4.844514zero
ON/ON-009Iverst693811050.408333, 6.369756zero
ON/ON-010Baraque Fraiture651817850.253133, 5.731574zero
ON/ON-011Sur Clair Fa601813950.319992, 5.9724325 minutes
ON/ON-013Bois de Hodinfosse568612750.309002, 5.84573230 minutes
ON/ON-016Les Aisances44546949.756654, 5.199489zero
ON/ON-017Bois Haut40547449.545825, 5.753395zero
ON/ON-018A la Plate39526150.322808, 5.544940zero
ON/ON-019Bois de Javingue36526250.155342, 5.28179020 minutes
ON/ON-021Plantis de Mesnil30627350.177280, 4.9167435 minutes
ON/ON-024Bois du Tour du Coo34027250.393306, 5.87416825 minutes
ON/ON-025Burteaumont45549850.400523, 5.979388zero
ON/ON-026Le Mont d’Henri-Chapelle35429850.677059, 5.920479zero
ON/ON-027Pottelberg15716350.765075, 3.699555zero
ON/ON-028Noordelijke terril Waterschei19514651.006741, 5.53710930 minutes
ON/ON-029Terril Ste-Barde et Tonne23014450.658570, 5.56085920 minutes

PA - Netherlands

CodeNameAlt(m)PointsActivationsparking pos GPSAvg walking time
PA/PA-003Observant (Sint Pietersberg)17018750.806349, 5.67941825 minutes
PA/PA-006Signaal Imbosch11013552.037021, 5.99076610 minutes

LX - Luxembourg

CodeNameAlt(m)PointsActivationsparking pos GPSAvg walking time
LX/LX-001Steekammchen45646549.97120, 5.9543710 minutes
LX/LX-002Grengenwald43244849.670951, 6.20629820 minutes
LX/LX-003Kiirchbësch42245349.89187, 6.2248615 minutes
LX/LX-004Widderbierg38724749.648870, 6.31993110 minutes

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