EA6/MA-066 (Puig se San Marti)

11/May/2017    EA6/MA-066 (Puig se San Marti)

Puig se San Marti as seen from the parking spot

For this summit, I had carefully studied the report by Phil, G4OBK. 
Still I landed on the wrong place, my GPS wouldn't lead me into the dirt road leading to the summit.

Solution : putting the GPS in "bicycle mode" did the trick, and so I entered the very bumpy dirt road at 39.844181, 3.090199 , approaching the summit from the North, coming from the MA-13.
After a while one has to take a left turn, and this asphalted road is in perfect state, very strange ... it's like driving through a wormhole into another era ...
(and note : the dirt road is on Google Streetview, the asphalted road is not !)

Then when you almost reach the end of this asphalt road, and the radio towers  come in sight, there is a parking spot to the right at 39.833026, 3.096887

From the parking , the path to the summit looked very promising ...

Start of the trail to the summit ...

But after a while, there is no more path (or at least none that I could see ...) , so you're left on your own , and have to scramble over the rocks until you reach the summit.
Path ? What path ?

I guess it's all part of the adventure, but doing this all on my own, I found it a dangerous endeavour, and would avoid this summit on a next visit. Too much risk and trouble ... for only one point ? No thanks !

Still, the view from the top is nice, any ham will enjoy looking down on the radio towers on the other part of this summit, and all the QSO's you make are the icing on the cake, right ?

Radio towers on Puig se San Marti
On top of all the GPS and climbing trouble, the sun was burning as hell, so I tried to blend in with the rock in the background .. hi
Overheated operator tries to hide from the sun ;-)
Here a map of my QSO's (from Log2Map by ON6ZQ):

Leaving the summit, I took the South part of the dirt road, so coming onto the MA-3470 at 39.823873, 3.101707

So I can confirm what Phil wrote in 2015, there is no preference in which side to use, they are in equally bad state (and certainly worse than in 2015 ... hi).

(to be continued ...)


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