ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2018 - Day 3

Leaving my BnB in Pfastatt near Mulhouse at 08:15, I arrived on my first summit at 09:00. 

DM/BW-018 (Blauen)

Last year the road was blocked, so I had to skip this summit.
This time I had more luck. Blauen is an easy drive up to the parking at the hotel "Zum Hochblauen", position 47.777251, 7.701115

A short walk North, until you are behind the transmitting and lookout tower, and you will find a pile of rocks, with a nice bench in front of it, where you can setup and have a wonderful view.

Looking back from my operating position, both towers were in the fog, it was still early morning ...

A few walkers came by when I was operating, but no one asked anything.
But just as I had finished my activation, and was ready to pack up, a couple of walkers stopped and wanted to know what I was doing. Always happy to explain ... but after that, I was in a hurry to pack, and forgot to pack my counterpoise wire !
I only discovered this when I arrived at the next summit of course ... too late to go back.

It was a 4m length of flexible wire, covered with grey plastic.
So if anyone found it ... I hope you can use it or disposed of it in a proper way.
I was not intentionally leaving rubbish on a summit (I wouldn't leave a small paper ...)

HB/SH-002 (Wannenberg)

In 2017 I have been to OE and HB0 to add two new regions to my list, but I hadn't activated one single Swiss summit .. what a shame !
So this year I had to make up for that, and selected the Wannenberg.

Driving over there was a terrible experience, I had trouble with many roadblocks, deviations and traffic jams .. I left Blauen at 10:30, and only got to the parking spot at 12:50.
Parking is here  47.665549, 8.492130, driving further is forbidden, but I saw some locals drive the left road in the picture below anyway ... so you go at your own risk.
There is a track by HB9BRJ on the SMP Tracks page.

Anyway, I walked the left road in ascent, and it took me 20 minutes to the summit. Coming down I took the shorter but steeper path (the right one in the picture), and got back at my car in around 15 minutes. The whole walking + activating took me just 2 hours.

Near the summit is a blockhut, where I set up my station 

Nice place to set up a station ... but it's also the place where I got bitten by a "Swiss tick", so better lookout where you sit, hi.

I could only log 7 qso's here, but 2 were S2S, so I was still happy with the result.
Being way behind on my schedule, I had to skip my third summit DM/BW-235, Hoher Randen, and went straight to this one ... an old favourite.

DM/BW-193 (Schächer)

This is again a super easy drive up summit, with a nice bench to operate.
Parking is at  47.888662, 8.577274 , and the operating spot is right behind the trees.
The real summit is a bit further south, but this spot is well in the AZ.

This time, 11 qso's int he log, and 2 S2S, so again a happy operator !

As it was already after 17:00 local time, and I still had to drive a 100 km and find a plac to eat ... I quickly packed up and got driving ...

I had a nice dinner at the highway restaurant "Rastanlage im Hegau - WEST", along the highway 81, GPS position 47.861209, 8.785982
They are not the cheapest (lookout for the salad bar, you pay per WEIGHT of your plate !), but the food is excellent, way better than most highway "junkfood" stops.

After that I still had some driving , and finally arrived at my Bnb place in the city of BERG (near Ravensburg), what better place could a SOTA activator dream of  ?

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