EA6/MA-077 (Talaia d'Albercutx)

10/May/2017    EA6/MA-077 (Talaia d'Albercutx)
EA6/MA-077 (Talaia d'Albercutx) viewed from Mirador Colomer

This was the second summit on May 10th, so I chose an easy drive-up.
This is an existing SOTA summit (old number was MA-044), but since May 1st 2017 it has received a new reference number, so I was the first to activate it. Still felt a bit like cheating though ... hi.

Coming from Cap de Formentor, I first stopped along the MA-2210 to briefly visit the nice viewpoint Mirador Colomer at 39.929140, 3.110648

Mirador Colomer

From there, you can just drive up the small winding road to the summit. Don't stop at the first buildings you encounter, but take one more hairpin and continue until you can drive no more. Park here 39.928529, 3.117632.
After parking the car, it's only a few 
steps up the rocks to the watchtower on the summit. There are plenty of nice places to set up.

Giving the KX3 some shade ...

It was another succesful activation, here a map of my QSO's, including one DX !
(from Log2Map by ON6ZQ)

Watchtower (you can climb it !)

From the summit you have several nice views, like this one :


For the "aeronautically inclined" ... more info on this VOR system is here

Also a nice view : looking back to Cap de Formentor and Fumat, where I was in the morning.

Fumat in the distance 

(to be continued ...)

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  1. I must go back to bag the new reference! MA-044 previously activated...

    73 Phil


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