ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2019 - Day 2

After the warm-up on two easy ON summits on the previous day, it was time to attack the FL/VO region. From my BnB in Mexy it was 86 km to my first summit.

FL/VO-060, Butte de Mousson - 382m, 2 Points

This is not a drive up summit, but the walk is very easy and short.
Parking is here 48.904603, 6.079405

From there walk up the Rue des Templiers, in 5 minutes you will arrive at the ruins and a modern style chapel (see picture above).

I set up near the chapel on a stone wall, and had a nice view over the area.

I made 26 QSO's here, and 2 were SS2.

FL/VO-021, Schratzmännele - 1044m, 10 Points

Parking spot is here 48.079275, 7.143579 , near the German war cemetary of Hohrod.
I followed the track by HB9DIZ from SMP. 

It's a short but fairly steep walk to the summit. I did it in 10 minutes, and in 6 minutes I was back at the car.

14 QSO's with 5 S2S here.

WARNING : I operated sitting on a pile of wood, on which I had put a plastic bag. Despite using anti-tick product, I think I catched a tick on this summit ... un souvenir pittoresque de la région as the French would say, hi !
(It could also be from the next summit, I'm sure when or where I got it... only found it in the evening)

FL/VO-091, Koenigsstuhl - 936m, 10 Points

Near the nice village of Riquewihr is a nice summit, but it is not an easy one.

Parking spot is here 48.183131, 7.239085, along the Ursprungweg, and  near the restaurant Saint-Alexis. Then follow the track from SMP, along the Fuchshoehlenweg, but take care ... there are a few places where you might get lost.

I found the first steep shortcut and took it, and I missed the second shortcut, making a whole tour around the summit to finally reach it. Double error !

In retrospect , I should have done the opposite : skip that first shortcut, because it goes through a dry river bed (at least it is dry in summer), and is not easy, with lots of fallen trees etc ...
But I should have taken the second shortcut.
I only found it during descent, and it looked easy enough for ascent as well.

Here my track (reversed to show how to ascend).

This is a view of where you have to go up to the left for that second shortcut, easy to miss it ... like I did !

Also, avoid doing this summit when thunderstorms are coming, or you might end up like this unfortunate young man ...


Lucky for me, the weather was nice and I could set up on some rocks of the "Kings Chair"

With all the delays, I had to make it short and made only 7 QSO's, and then it was time to find my BnB in Jebsheim near Colmar. Along the road near Comar, I had one last look on the FL/VO summits ...

Tomorrow I'll dive into the DM/BW area !

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