EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 2

The day after the flight, we visited  Torcal de Antequera, and had two SOTA activations.

20/May/2019 EA7/MA-013 (Camorro Siete Mesas) EA7/ON7DQ

This summit was a rather bad start ... maybe because it has number 13 ?

I partly followed a track from WikiLoc, but after walking for a while my phone gave up, no GPS, no cell connection (maybe from the heat ?).
So it was a bit scrambling and searching to get near the summit and into the AZ.

More or less in a panic, I forgot to take any more pictures.
Since I couldn't spot myself , or look at the other spots, I just operated CW on 20m, and got spotted via RBN. So I still got 17 qso's after all.

20/May/2019 EA7/MA-032 (Zambra) EA7/ON7DQ

There is a parking spot at 36.877729, -4.455029
But you can drive the gravel road up all the way to the tower on the summit (but avoid doing this in a weekend). At the end, drive around the tower, where you can park.

This activation was also valid for the Spanish DVGE or "Vertices" program, see here

*** TOURIST ***

Day 3 was spent walking the Caminito Del Rey

A 3 km walk leads over the renovated walkway.
The total walk, including  the access through the tunnel and forest is 7 km.

For the next activation, continue on  Day 4


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