EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 17

Again on the move ... from Sevilla to Ronda this time, I activated this very nice summit (Thanks for the suggestion to Thomas DL8DBW)

04/Jun/2019 EA7/CA-007 (Lijar) EA7/ON7DQ

This is a drive up summit, but this means driving for 10km on a seemingly endless forest road with many bumps and turns ... see the map below.
First find the start of the gravel road, where you will see the sign above, at position 36.929071, -5.403586 . It's along the road CA-9101. You can see the entrance on Google StreetView, but they didn't drive any further.

Take the forest road to the summit, which is near the "Mirador de Levante", here 36.898462, -5.393281.

This spot is also a launch site for paragliders, so I guess it's best to avoid activating in a weekend, and then you can use their nice shelter with benches to operate (and there is even a Porta Potty ;-).

Once you reach the summit , you are rewarded with this magnificent view.

This is the cosy operating desk under the shelter. On one of the pillars there was even a sign from a Belgian paraglider club.

The antenna was set up behind the shelter, in the direction of the fire tower, where the vertice is.

What a luxury : all equipment found a nice spot on the "shack table" ... something different from sitting on the ground on a plastic bag ...

My log showed 32 QSO's, and 8 of them were S2S ... great !
Since I spent around THREE hours on this summit, it qualified as a vertice activation as well , see my report here

For the next and final activation, continue on  Day 19


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