EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 8

26/May/2019 EA7/GR-088 (Alto de los Jarales) EA7/ON7DQ

This was a special activation, since it was my 200th summit, and at the same time my 130th unique summit.

Again, the parking spot and walking info was taken from the excellent report by Mark, M0NOM, who was the first activator of this summit. You can find his report here.

The first part is again a gravel road, a bit later we follow a narrow and winding mountain track.  

After 30 minutes you arrive at a ridge, from where you can already see the summit, but then it is still some 15 minutes till you reach the summit.

On the summit, a tree and a stone wall give some protection from sun and wind.
Wind was not a real problem that day, it was very calm on the summit.
But I did set up at the other side of the tree to stay out of the sun.

I had a nice place to sit, and enjoyed a good run of QSO's, 47 in total, but only one S2S with Ralf, HB9GKR.

Some nice view of the area, with the previous summit (Calar) in the distance, just right of the fishing pole, holding the endfed antenna.

And of course, again a nice view of the Sierra Nevada.

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