EA6/MA-021 (Talaia de Cals Reis)

09/May/2017    EA6/MA-021 (Talaia de Cals Reis)
Walking time and distance (one way) :  50 minutes /  2 km

Parking at the start of the track at EA6/MA-021 (Talaia de Cals Reis)
Just outside Orient, I found a small parking space at 39.732293, 2.762512

just at the start of the track. From there you have to go through a rusty gate, walk along a wall , then go left. After a while another gate blocks the way, this one has to be climbed.

Gate with "integrated ladder"
After this gate it's immediately to the left, and after a while you'll meet the "limbo tree".

The "Limbo" tree ... mind your head !
Not so difficult for me, being short I can virtually walk under it just like that, hi !
Follow the track that is on Sotamaps carefully, there is one point where you might miss the right turn, and for the last part, look out for a large "stone man", where you have to go straight ahead for a fairly steep climb up the hill.

Typical stone man showing the way ...
Finally I had to climb a wall to reach what seemed the highest point, and went a bit to the right to find an operating spot in the shade.
Last hurdle before setting up
It wasn't easy to find a flat piece of rock to use, so my clipboard came to the rescue ...

Clipboard operating table at EA6/ON7DQ/P

Here a map of my QSO's (from Log2Map by ON6ZQ):

(to be continued ... )

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