ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2019 - Day 6

Tour of the three Hegau Volcanoes

I did a lot of studying and preparing , and decided it should be possible to do these three summits in one day, they are after all very close toghether.
The summits are Hohenhewen, Hohenstoffeln and Hohentwiel.
So I set off from Berg near Ravensburg at 08:30 local time.
While driving I had already a nice view of the three summits, in reverse order.
You can't miss them !

So the last one in view, was the first one to climb.

DM/BW-086, Hohenhewen - 844m, 8 Points

I had decided to try the shorter approach from the South, rather than take the long walk from Anselfingen (track by HB9BRJ on SMP).
So I parked at an official "Waldparkplatz" near the ranch "Burggut Hohenhewen", parking position 47.841531, 8.735992

The first part of the walk is very easy, a paved road and then a gravel road.

The last part has some steep shortcuts through the woods, but it was all not too difficult, and a nice walk up. After 35 minutes I was on the summit. My track is also on SMP, so you make your choice ...

On top of a ruin wall, they have built a nice lookout tower, which I climbed before setting up my station. Nice views of the area are your reward, and the Bodensee can be seen in the distance.

I took one of the new benches as my "shack", and had a nice activation, and some visitors who wanted to know what I was doing. All explained with a smile of course !
The picture above was taken by one of them, he had a colleague at work who was also a ham, but alas I have no name or callsign.
I had a nice result : 24 QSO's and 7 S2S.

Back to the car and on to the next one ...

DM/BW-085, Hohenstoffeln - 844m, 8 Points

On this one, I followed the track by HB9BRJ on SMP.
The tracks were wet and muddy here, and the main cause of their bad state is their use by many mountainbikers. A young couple was a bit ahead of me and I followed them as they took a path beside the main track which was a bit better.
I got at the summit in just 42 minutes

Taking a short rest at the cross halfway.

On the summit, another cross ... and not much space to set up a SOTA station.

Looking back at my previous summit.

So as not to hinder the (many) other visitors, I set up just below the summit, where you will find a nice bench.
I made only 11 QSO's here, but  9 were S2S wow !

OK, time to move on to the last one, I felt I was going to make it in time ...

DM/BW-101, Hohentwiel - 690m, 6 Points

This summit has a castle on top, where you have to pay to visit, but it seems it is very nice.
It seems ... because I will not know for another year (or more), since I couldn't visit the castle, it was closed !!!

Check the following website to see if the summit is still closed:

There is no other way to activate this summit, the whole AZ is inside the walls of the castle (note the steep walls and cliffs outside of the fortress). 

So this was a bummer, but it meant I was home a bit earlier and could have a nice dinner, and prepare for my trip home ... 

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