ON7DQ SOTA Roadtrip to Friedrichshafen 2019

In 9 days from Ostend to Friedrichshafen ... and back !

This was my fourth visit to Friedrichshafen, and the third time I drove over there in my own car.
I left Ostend at 05:15 local time on June 18th,
Being on my own, I had plenty of opportunity to do some SOTA !

I had planned 22 summits, but in the end only activated 20.

Equipment used :
KX3 and homebrew Li-Ion battery pack (either 4000mAh or a smaller 1800 mAh as a backup)
Antenna 9.15m or 23m random wire endfed, with 9:1 UNUN and 4m counterpoise.
Coax 3.5m RG-58.
Cheap PC-headset with PTT box.
Palm Pico paddle or homebrew relay contact paddle, both were used.
6m fishing pole from Decathlon (missing the thinnest element, so really only 5.5m).
Cellphone with data plan and Sota Spotter app.

For each SOTA trip, I put all the info I can find (parking spots, tracks, maps, descriptions ...) in a handy document, which I then convert to pdf, put it on my phone and tablet, and print it out as well.
If you're interested to get one of these documents, send me a mail (address is on qrz.com) or via PM on the SOTA Reflector.

Here the list of summits followed by some statistics ... click on the Day x link to go directly to the report of the resepctive summits.

Day 1

  • ON/ON-004, Bois de Hazeille - 586m, 6 Points
  • ON/ON-017, Bois Haut - 405m, 4 Points

  • FL/VO-060, Butte de Mousson - 382m, 2 Points
  • FL/VO-021, Schratzmännele - 1044m, 10 Points
  • FL/VO-091, Koenigsstuhl - 936m, 10 Points

  • DM/BW-008, Schauinsland - 1284m, 10 Points
  • DM/BW-015, Hochfirst - 1190m, 10 Points
  • DM/BW-193, Schächer - 921m, 10 Points
  • DM/BW-361, Rossberg - 640m, 6 Points

  • DM/BW-348, Gehrenberg - 754m, 8 Points
  • DM/BW-854, Höchsten - 838m, 8 Points
  • Also report of the Ham Radio and the SOTA Dinner

Day 5

  • No summits here, but the report includes the SOTA meeting at the Ham Radio.

Day 6
  • DM/BW-086, Hohenhewen - 844m, 8 Points
  • DM/BW-085, Hohenstoffeln - 844m, 8 Points

  • DM/BW-853, Blankenhalde - 871m, 10 points
  • DM/BW-041, Wandbühl - 1007m, 10 points
  • DM/BW-038, Lemberg - 1015m, 10 points

  • FL/VO-048, Grand Wintersberg - 581m, 4 points
  • FL/VO-160, Armsberg - 383m, 2 points

  • ON/ON-016, Les Aisances - 445m, 4 Points
  • ON/ON-021, Plantis de Mesnil - 306m, 2 points
After the trip I ended on 1184 activator points, 11141 chaser points and 3032 S2S points.
Total activations is 226, of which 147 are unique summits.
I have made 4963 qso's as an activator so far, and 2346 chaser qso's.

Continue reading this story on ... DAY 1

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