Pottelberg Activation

ON/ON-027 Pottelberg

This Belgian summit is the closest one to my home in Ostend, and also my most activated summit.
It is about a 95 km drive away, and I've been there 5 times.

This is a very flat plateau, and so there are several nice spots to set up.

Driving there is also very easy, there is a cafetaria "Chalet radar", next to a football field, and lots of parking places. Position for your GPS is 50.765075, 3.699555

I did setup on the football field twice, once I went behind the field along the two transmitting towers into the woods, and twice along the track left of the cafetaria.
If you want to activate also the Fauna & Flora ONFF-0318 , the football field is not valid. The other places are.

This is the layout to use for judging if you're in the right spot for ONFF. You should setup inside the area witihin the red lines.

For this fifth activation, I used the KX3 at 15W, and my trusted 9.15m endfed on the 12m Spiderbeam pole.

Only ... I had forgotten a small detail ... my jacket !

It was a cold february afternoon, so I helped myself with a blanket from the car, and put myself in the sun ... it helped a little.
Good that I did not forget my fleece vest and orange cap, hi !

I made 44 qso's in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
This included 4 S2S qso's, and to my surprise .. I was called by Paul, VK5PAS on 20m SSB !
That's 16000 km with only 15W ... wonderful !
Paul was 55 with me, and gave me a 53 report.
And I got a 57 from W1OW, also a respectable 5500 km away.
So propagation must have been above average that day ... and I was a lucky man !

See you on the next  one !


Luc, ON7DQ

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