Ardennes and Luxemburg SOTA Tour - Day 2

This day I planned to activate 2of the 4 Luxemburg summits.
From my BnB in Arlon, it was only 60 km to the first one.

LX/LX-003, Kiirchbësch - 422m, 4 points

Parking position for this one was 49.891585, 6.224272 , which can be reached via a road called Am Roudebierg, starting in the village of Bettendorf.
I followed the instructions and track by G4OBK on the SMP site.

Since this was on a Sunday, and I had been told by Michael, DB7MM that there was a 2m contest in the morning, I had taken my FT857D backpack AND the KX3 set.
The VHF antenna was a 4 element logperiodic by Anjo Antennen, and for HF I took my simpler endfed with 9:1 UNUN, that I just made before this trip.
Lucky that the summit was only 10 minutes walk from the car !

 Above, you can see the UNUN fixed to a tree, and the other end of the endfed at some 6m above ground ,on  the fishing pole.

In one hour, I made only 5 QSO's on VHF, so again, not really worth to take the extra gear.
I continued on HF with the KX3 (which has an autotuner, the FT857D doesn't).
That went much better, in no time I had 14 more QSO's , including one S2S.

After a nice Lunch in Diekirch, it was time for the second one.

LX/LX-001, Steekammchen - 456m, 4 points

This is the parking position 49.97120, 5.95437
Again, Phil G4OBK had done all the work for me, so it was very easy to find a good operating spot, using the track from SMP..

The weather was nice, the views wonderful ... and I could fill my log with no less than 36 QSO's, with one S2S, all within one hour. All QSO's were made on 40m and 20m, using CW and SSB.

On the  return to my BnB in Arlon, I made a short visit to the dam in Esch-sur-Sûre ( pos 49.911780, 5.922893 ).

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