EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 14

After two days in Córdoba, we moved to Sevilla, but not without doing two more activations, and visiting the nice town of Carmona, where the second summit is.

01/Jun/2019 EA7/SE-025 (Palomarejo) EA7/ON7DQ
01/Jun/2019 EA7/SE-026 (Carmona) EA7/ON7DQ

Both summits are easy drive-ups.

EA7/SE-025 (Palomarejo)

This is not much of a summit,but just a height where a bunch of windmills were planted.
There is also a vertice in the middle of a field, but I didn't intend to activate it, so I didn't check if one can walk to the vertice. I just parked near the highest windmill here : 37.454220, -5.158539 , and set up my station, sitting on the ground to operate.
This was a first activation for SOTA. Made 23 QSO's including 1 S2S


In the distance, I could see a VERY BRIGHT light, I had no idea what it could be.

Later I looked it up on the internet, and found out that it belonged to a thermosolar energy collector, called TORRESOL. Read more about it on Wikipedia here.
The official website of the Torresol company is here.
Distance from the summit was 17 km, but also in Carmona it was clearly visible, over a  distance of 27 km.

EA7/SE-026 (Carmona)

This one is even easier, there is a large parking lot next to the castle on the summit, and it is in the town of Carmona. So while you're there, don't forget to visit the town, it is very nice.
Parking is here 37.474267, -5.633224 , or if you're lucky, there are a few parking spots in the shade at the entrance to the castle (which is now a hotel), here 37.472343, -5.633891.

There is also a vertice here, but it is on top of the castle, and not accessible to the public.
One can activate it though, if you upload a picture (or a video) that shows your operating spot AND the vertice at the same time. I didn't bother since it was hot, and I didn't want to sit in the heat for an hour, or make 100 QSO's. I just set up behind the castle, and activated for SOTA only, logging 13 QSO's, one being a S2S.

For the next activation, continue on  Day 17


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