EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 19

This was the last activation of the EA7 SOTA Tour.

06/Jun/2019 EA7/MA-077 (Las Mesas) EA7/ON7DQ

The summit is inside a gated area, so you can only activate it when the Acinipo ruins are open.
The visit is free though.  More info on this website (in Spanish), or read some info in English here.
Parking is here 36.832272, -5.236366

A track for finding the summit is not really needed (but there is a track by DL8DBW on SMP).
First walk to the Roman Theatre (pictured above), there go left around it and continue climbing until you hit the stone wall, then follow this wall to the right. After a while, there is no more wall, so don't fall off the cliff, but continue straight ahead until you reach the vertice, which is at the summit.

I set up below the vertice, looking for a bit of shade, and fixed my antenna to the vertice pillar.
The whole place is full of sheep droppings, so don't wear your best shoes, hi.

More or less a "Last Man Standing" type of operation ... hi.

YES ! I did it ...I did it !

This last activation was also validated for DVGE, see report here.

So the SOTA Tour was over , but wait ...
In the evening , I still had not done enough radio ...
I did set up my endfed antenna on the hotel balcony, as an inverted-L, and with a wonderful view on the "Embalse de Zahara-el Gastor", I made another 7 QSO's in the SKSE event of the SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) !

Only THEN it was all over for the the EA7 tour 2019.

See you on another SOTA expedition soon !

Well, it won't be too long for that, since 10 days after this trip I set off to Friedrichshafen ... read about those adventures here.



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