ON7DQ SOTA Roadtrip to Friedrichshafen 2018

10 days on the road ... to the Hamradio 2018 and lots of SOTA !

List of summits - click each link for a detailed report :

29/May/2018 ON/ON-017 (Bois Haut)
29/May/2018 FL/VO-057 (Côte de Drince)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-153 (Bois de Montenoy)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-002 (Le Hohneck)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-001 (Le Grand Ballon de Guebwiller)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-017 (Le Molkenrain)
31/May/2018 DM/BW-018 (Blauen)
31/May/2018 HB/SH-002 (Wannenberg)
31/May/2018 DM/BW-193 (Schächer)
01/Jun/2018 DM/BW-348 (Gehrenberg)
01/Jun/2018 DM/BW-854 (Höchsten)
03/Jun/2018 DL/AL-272 (Altringenberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-195 (Zundelberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-228 (Hummelsberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-042 (Rainen)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-046 (Plettenberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-156 (Lindenberg)
05/Jun/2018 DM/BW-077 (Braunberg)
05/Jun/2018 DM/BW-019 (Hornisgrinde)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-006 (Trautzberg)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-012 (Schaumberg)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-075 (Langensteinchen)
06/Jun/2018 LX/LX-002 (Grengenwald)
07/Jun/2018 ON/ON-016 (Les Aisances)
07/Jun/2018 ON/ON-021 (Plantis de Mesnil)

(to be continued ...)

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