ON7DQ SOTA Roadtrip to Friedrichshafen 2018

10 Days on the road ... to the Hamradio 2018 and lots of SOTA !

This would be my fourth visit to Friedrichshafen, and the third time I drove there with my own car.
Last year I enjoyed the trip so much that I added another day, so I had even more SOTA fun.

Here some statistics. I stayed in several AirBnb places, and met very nice people everywhere ... some young, some older, but always very helpful. As you will read later, I could use some help at one instance.

Equipment used

KX3 + homebrew headset with PTT for SSB, Palm Pico Paddle for CW
Mini 6-button memory keyer with DigiSpark ATTiny CPU (I will make a post about that when I find some time). This saves the use of the memory buttons on the KX3. 
Battery : homebrew 4S2P Li-Ion pack, giving 16.8V when fully charged, so using the automatic voltage reducer by AD5X , giving 15V at the KX3, so I could always use 15W (on 80-20m).
Antenna : homebrew EARCHI type antenna, consisting of 9.15m random endfed radiator, homebrew 9:1 UNUN, 4m counterpoise, 3.5m RG58 coax. Some pieces of rope.
A 6m fishing pole from Decathlon, free standing in a ground anchor, also by Decathlon, positioned "10 steps" away from the oprating position, so the endfed mostly works as a sloper.
Several large and small umbrellas, folding chairs and mini tables, all used depending on weather, terrain and  walking distance. 
And 1 telescopic walking stick, sometimes also used to keep the UNUN off the ground.

And here is the (long) list of summits - click on each link for a detailed report, including parking position, tracks when available, and other useful information. And above all ...some nice pictures !

As in previous trip reports, all is organized per DAY, so you will find several summits on one page.
But the index on the right will always bring you to the right page for each summit.

29/May/2018 ON/ON-017 (Bois Haut)
29/May/2018 FL/VO-057 (Côte de Drince)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-153 (Bois de Montenoy)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-002 (Le Hohneck)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-001 (Le Grand Ballon de Guebwiller)
30/May/2018 FL/VO-017 (Le Molkenrain)
31/May/2018 DM/BW-018 (Blauen)
31/May/2018 HB/SH-002 (Wannenberg)
31/May/2018 DM/BW-193 (Schächer)
01/Jun/2018 DM/BW-348 (Gehrenberg)
01/Jun/2018 DM/BW-854 (Höchsten)
03/Jun/2018 DL/AL-272 (Altringenberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-195 (Zundelberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-228 (Hummelsberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-042 (Rainen)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-046 (Plettenberg)
04/Jun/2018 DM/BW-156 (Lindenberg)
05/Jun/2018 DM/BW-077 (Braunberg)
05/Jun/2018 DM/BW-019 (Hornisgrinde)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-006 (Trautzberg)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-012 (Schaumberg)
06/Jun/2018 DM/SR-075 (Langensteinchen)
06/Jun/2018 LX/LX-002 (Grengenwald)
07/Jun/2018 ON/ON-016 (Les Aisances)
07/Jun/2018 ON/ON-021 (Plantis de Mesnil)

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