EA6/MA-053 (Puig de son Seguí)

17/May/2017     EA6/MA-053 (Puig de son Seguí)

EA6/MA-053 (Puig de son Seguí)

If you haven't read the report on this one by Phil, G4OBK, read that one first !

Hilarious , isn't it ?
Of course I wasn't going to make the same mistake ... and I set off well prepared. I had "driven" the small road to the parking spot several times with Google Streetview. I always think, if the Google car can drive it, I can do it too !
But I had the same problem as before, I found the point where you go off the main road MA-3040 at 39.630800, 2.826375 into the Cami de Ses Coves.
But then my GPS told me to go back ... and said it was still 4km. I knew that couldn't be right, I was very close to my destination ...
So once again, putting the GPS in bicycle mode solved the problem ... and I found a nice parking spot at a house called "Son Maig" on the map, at position 39.623262, 2.826621

Parking spot
50m further is the start of the road to the summit. I say ROAD, because after I started walking,one car after the other passed me by ... so I guess if I had "blinked" for a second and supposed I hadn't seen the sign, I could as well have driven to the summit ... hi.

You can always say you didn't understand ... it's not in Spanish !

Still, the road was in good shape, and it was good excercise, walking time abt 30 minutes.
On the summit is a radio tower, and two men were  installing or adjusting some antennas.

Microwave SOTA ?

The massive trig point gives a lot of shade, which was very welcome because it was another hot day.
I had enough space for my link dipole, and I could have mounted it on top of the trig point, but I would not have had enough rope to fix the ends of the dipole in a decent angle, so I left it on the ground.

Link dipole near the massive trig point
Activation went well, and I was happy to log 2 DX contacts.
Here the map of my QSO's  (from Log2Map by ON6ZQ):

After the activation, I did climb the "vertice" and it must have been the first time I could look DOWN on my antenna , hi.

Looking down on my antenna and operating spot

(to be continued ...)


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