ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2018 - Day 10

Two more summits ... and then going home !

The last day of my trip was just routine .. two summits I have done several times before, and then a long, boring drive home.

ON/ON-016 (Les Aisances)

I went to my regular parking spot along the Rue des Routis, position 49.767429, 5.207851
I packed all my stuff and walked a bit back South, and setup along the road, where it is in the AZ.

Since I didn't have to walk very far, I took the Spiderbeam 12m pole for a change, so my endfed could hang perfectly vertical. 
I was a damp morning, so I kept it fairly short, but still was able to log 18 qso's, and 1 S2S.

ON/ON-021 (Plantis de Mesnil)

I was a bit in shock when I arrived at my last summit.
They had been cleaning out the woods, and three large trees occupied MY parking spot ! 
No other solution than to park along the road, at position 50.177294, 4.916858 , take my stuff and walk to the cabin on the summit.

The cabin would be a nice shack, unfortunately it is always locked :-(

It must have rained a lot before I came there, the track was in very bad shape. 

And since I was going home .. I had already put on an appropriate T-shirt , hi !
This is the same summit where I ended my tour in 2017, it was "The One with the Hat", you can read that story here.

My trip ended with a good activation, 26 qso's in the log, including another 3 S2S.

The drive home went without problems, well .... with the usal traffic delays around Brussels that is !
A truck had lost its load somewhere, so I spent 2 hours driving the mere 25 km around Brussels.
I started driving at 13:45 local at my last summit, and I only arrived home at 19:00 local time !

That's all folks !

73 de Luc, ON7DQ

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