ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2018 - Day 7

Five summits in a day ... and car trouble !

This day I had to start my return trip back home, in three days.

I had planned 5 summits of 10 points, so I started early in Berg near Ravensburg, and my first trip would end in Lahr/Scharzwald, some 200 km further West.

DM/BW-156 (Lindenberg)

I was lucky that it hadn't rained over the weekend, so I could drive right to the operating position.
I parked here 47.993078, 8.674807
Your GPS probably won't guide you there because it's off-road, but study the map and you will get it.

Setup was quick and I had 15 qso's in just 15 minutes, CW and SSB on 40m and 20m.

DM/BW-195 (Zundelberg)

This summits involves a bit of walking, the parking position is here 48.052282, 8.73324 
I took the same track as described by HB9CZF, arriving at the operating position after about 10 minutes.
Now after setting up, I discovered that my trusty 5€ headset had broken again.
One side was already repaired with rubber tape. Now the other side had fallen off !

No problem if you carry some Velcro straps in your backpack (who doesn't ?).
Later at home I repaired it better, also with rubber tape, and I'm still using it because my audio reports were never better than with this cheap headset. Not the original Elecraft MH3, nor any other headset that I tried were any better. So I'll try to keep this baby as long as I can !

The activation went very well, 23 qso's in the log, and 4 were S2S.

DM/BW-228 (Hummelsberg)

This summit is near a glider airfield. The parking is here 48.112037, 8.759774
From there it's a short walk along the airfield. During your walk, you can admire the sheep .. but don't count them,you might fall asleep ;-)

Only 15 qso's here, and 1 S2S. But time to move on .. I was in bit of a hurry ...

DM/BW-042 (Rainen)

This is another drive-up summit, I parked here : 48.179708, 8.808539

Setting up was quick again, and I made 13 qso's, all on 20m SSB.

DM/BW-046 (Plettenberg)

Last summit of the day, and also a drive-up if you go on a weekday.
Parking position was 48.20681, 8.80741

The whole place was deserted, so I installed myself at a nice bench on the playground, hi.
Only could catch 7 chasers here, but one of them was F/G4OBK/P who was "nearby" on FL/VO-070.
Strange enough, I could work him on 20m CW !

My day had been so wonderful and everything went so smooth ... this had to fail somewhere ...
After packing up , it was time to drive the last 100 km to my AirBnb in Lahr/Schwarzwald.

Surprise ... MY CAR WOULDN'T START !!!
I could try to call for help, but how long would that take ?
As if I had some feeling this would happen, I had parked my car backward on a slope near the cafetaria, nose pointing to the road.
So hoping for good luck, I let my car roll onto the road ... and after gaining some speed, I let it go in third gear ... and YES ! It started !
I drove the whole end without stopping, afraid that I would get stuck again .. and safely reached my destination ... SIGH !

The people where I stayed were very friendly, they helped me get the battery out and put it on a charger all night. I had a good shower and was offered a nice meal, and went to bed ...

To be continued in the next report  ... read on !

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