EA7 SOTA Tour - Day 10

28/May/2019 EA4/CR-005 (Abugaloso) EA4/ON7DQ

This would be a tough one ... I had to do this one alone, 5 km one way, and almost no shadow.
During ascent, there were a few places where I  had some shadow, but the descent was all under a burning sun and no more shadow anywhere ! I used almost 3 litres of water on this 10km tour.

The parking spot is at 38.466674, -4.345808, NORTH of Fuencaliente along the N-420 road.
You can park under the trees, so at least your car will stay cool !
From there, walk EAST until you can enter the forest track through the gate and by stepping over a chain. There is track on the SMP page.

I wanted to do this summit, because it is in the EA4 region, and this would bring my total number of regions to 15, which means I would get to the Mountain Explorer GOLD status.

HOT !!!

This summit is also valid for the "vertice" program, but I was unlucky that day : my cellphone had no data connection, and propagation was lousy.

Also, I couldn't stay too long on the summit and so didn't qualify it for DVGE.

With a lot of trouble I could find 5 stations to work, and so saved the activation for SOTA.

Besides a large radio tower and a fire lookout on the summit, some other small building drawed my attention. It had an antenna and a small  solar panel on the roof.

There was no door but a fence, so I could have a look what was inside.
I was a little surprised by this fine "workmanship", hi.

For the next SOTA activation, continue on  Day 14


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