EA6/MA-056 (Puig de Bonany)

16/May/2017    EA6/MA-056 (Puig de Bonany)

Approaching EA6/MA-056 (Puig de Bonany)

Puig de Bonany is an easy drive-up summit, near the city of Petra.
The summit and monastery can be seen from a distance.
Apparently, the name comes from the custom that people went to the church to pray to the Virgin Mary, for a "Bon Any" .. a Good Year. Which on Mallorca means ... a lot of rain !
I guess we in Belgium have a different view on that, we would pray for the rain to stop ! HI

The road to the top is not difficult.
Parking is available at the monastary at 39.595031, 3.087741, and the path to the summit begins right behind it (go around the church at the right side).
After an almost level walk of 500m you will reach the summit marker at 39.591595, 3.083971.

Antenna in the sun ... Operation position in the shade

After a rather disappointing result the previous day (only 10 QSO's), this activation went exceptionally well, and netted a total of 59 QSO's, my best result on this trip.
Bands in use were 7 , 14 and 18 MHz, using both SSB and CW.

Here the map of my QSO's(from Log2Map by ON6ZQ):

CW was again with the "EA2BD" style wooden paddle (clothespeg).

EA2BD will be happy ! (but alas, I didn't work him)
The church of the monastery is worth a visit too.
As a HAM, you will be surprised to see that people in the Middle Ages already had radio towers !
Proof is found in one of the stained glass windows I saw in the church. See picture below , hi.

Stained glass window depicting a (religious?) radio tower ... 
After the activation I went to the beach again, and ended the day at the beach too, taking some nice sunset pictures ... so far for another nice SOTA day on Mallorca.

(to be continued ... )

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