ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2018 - Day 8

Car trouble solved ... and two more summits

In the morning, it became clear that one cell in my car battery was dead.

Still, with only 10.8 Volt on the battery, I was just able to start my car , and so I drove off to the nearest repair centre. 

Next problem : for service, I had to make an appointment, and would have lost half a day !

So I asked, what if I replace it myself ?
Ah, no problem then, and they were kind enough to lend me a wrench , and I quickly put in the new battery and off I went ... 

DM/BW-077 (Braunberg)

A new summit for me, and as it turned out, quite a long walk too ...
I drove to this parking spot 48.44922, 8.20571
From there it took me one hour to reach the summit.

There are no views from the summit, but it is a very nice and quiet place.

I found a large flat rock to use as a shack table .. and as there was no wind , I used my brandnew SOTA flag to decorate my operating position, hi.

This activation went extremely well ... 30 qso's in the log.
This included some special ones .. I worked Mike, 2E0YYY on ... 10m FM !
And at the end of my activation, which already included some S2S contacts, my phone kept spitting out spots for summits that I probably could work ... so I kept searching and calling ... and in the end I had 11 S2S qso's, a good catch.

With all that I had been 1 hour and 15 minutes on the summit.
With the car problem, I had so much delay, that I decided to cancel two of the summits that I had planned, and just do one more and take it easy ... 

DM/BW-019 (Hornisgrinde)

For this summit, I took the "back road" which leads to the SWR transmitting tower, and parked here 48.610682, 8.202058
A short walk along the windmill to the summit, and I found a nice bench to operate.
The fun didn't last long though, as soon as I started operating, it started to rain slightly.
I kept operating as long as I could, but finally had to give up and return to the car.
Only 7 qso's in the log, and no S2S, oh well ...

After that, it was still a long drive to my BnB in the Saarland area, home of 3 nice summits in the DM/SR region, which I hoped to activate the next day.

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