EA6/MA-035 (Puig de Sant Salvador)

19/May/2017    EA6/MA-035 (Puig de Sant Salvador)

The cross on Puig de Sant Salvador .. it's not in the AZ  though !
For some people, Puig de Sant Salvador is known for it's large statue and cross, but as a ham, you won't easily forget the enormous amount of antennas ... and then this picture only shows half of the tower !

Anyone for another tasty dish ?

A few steps down from the parking lot (at pos 39.455510, 3.186586) is a number of picknick benches, some in wood, some in stone.
I chose the stone one which was furthest from the road, it looked like a perfect "shack on a summit", and the whole place was deserted, so very quiet, at least for a while ...

Doesn't that look like a nice operating desk ?

Yes it does ! Perfect !
So I set up the endfed, and started my activation. I did some SSB and CW and even made 4 QSO's in PSK31. Bands used were 7-10-14-18 MHz. 

And a very happy operator ...
After a while, even using headphones, there was so much noise and loud music on the road above me, I could hardly hear what was sent at the other end on my radio !

When it was around noon, a whole bunch of kids came down from from the road and occupied all benches around me to have their picknick. It wasn't until after the activation, and I went to my car that I found out what was really going on. There must have been a couple of hundred kids there, gathering for a rope skipping tournament ... why had this to be on the day of my activation ??

Rope skipping competion !
(to be continued ...)

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