EA6/MA-052 (Puig de Maria)

08/May/2017    EA6/MA-052 (Puig de Maria)

I drove my car (a Fiat Punto, which served me well during the whole trip) to the parking at 39.86899, 3.01812. From there I had to walk, first an asphalted road, then a cobblestone path, where some stones were missing (stolen ?) here and there ...

Not so easy path to Puig de Maria
Looking down on the city of Pollença from the summit

This was one of the two summits where I found enough space to put up my link dipole.
Sitting just outside the monastery, I attracted many curious looks from visitors, and had to explain to some what I was doing .. good thing I speak fluent English, German and French, and a fair bit of Spanish  … you meet all kinds of people.

Picture taken by Robert, KF6TGM

After working a number of stations another visitor came up, but this was a special one : a HAM !
Robert , KF6TGM, from California, showed a lot of interest in my setup … of course I asked him if he had any rig, so he could work me from outside the AZ, but he din't, and he didn't know about SOTA. So after explaining all about it, who knows if I may have infected another SOTA activator, hi.

Here a map of my QSO's (from Log2Map by ON6ZQ)

After the activation I visited the city of Pollença, including the walk on the stairs up El Calvario, under a burning sun.

Carrer del Calvari at Pollença
After that, it was time to visit the beach at Port de Pollença for a cool down … very welcome on a hot day !

(to be continued …)

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