ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2018 - Day 6

SOTA and a Museum ...

The Sunday of my stay in Friedrichshafen, I decided to skip the Hamradio and do something else.

I found a nice summit in DL/AL region, and since I had never done a summit in DL association, this would get me one closer to the Golden Mountain Explorer Award.

DL/AL-272 (Altringenberg)

I had figured out I had to drive to a small community that is called Schweineburg. Not sure why they decided to put a cow there ... hi.

I had no problem getting there, and parked at pos 47.663288, 10.007760
Across the street is an info panel, explaining all the summits you see in this wonderful panorama ... Austria and Switzerland in the distance !

Following the farmers track to the trees, and then going left and a bit in a half circle around the summit will get you to a nice operating spot in the AZ.

It was a nice and sunny day. and I took my time .. which resulted in 33 qso's, including 15 S2S contacts. Two of those were with the same summit, so only 13 counted for points. Still a very nice result.

At the fair I had bought a SOTA flag from Andy, MM0FMF, and this was the first time I could use it. But of course ... no wind on this summit, so it's hardly visible in the picture below, but it is on the top of my pole for sure !

Elektronik Museum Tettnang

The afternoon was spent, visiting the city of Tettnang, and the nice Elektronik Museum.
Their website is here http://www.emuseum-tettnang.de/
One drawback may be that the site and everything in the museum is only in German.
But then, entry is only 3 Euro, and most of the exhibits speak for themselves.
The museum is in this nice building, the entrance is the door on the left.

Lots of old radios, but also the history of calculators and computers is shown.

In those days, it was probably normal to sell boxes with the name "Radiomann", I didn't see any "Radiofrau" boxes, hi. 

And this would be what you got if you built one of those kits.

To my great joy, they even had
 the very same experimenters box that I started with when I was 14 years old !

And on the way back to my car, I saw this nice old house, it's near the city cemetery (in the Friedhofstrasse, where you can park for free).

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