ON7DQ Gran Canaria SOTA tour - April/May 2018

This year I wanted to add another Association to my list, to get a step closer to the GOLD Mountain Explorer Award. I decided on EA8/GC, Gran Canaria.
As it turned out , the return plane ticket was cheaper if I came back after 3 weeks instead of 2.
So off I went on April 18 ... only returning on May 9th. Plenty of time to activate 9 summits.

I activated the following summits as EA8/ON7DQ (see red circles on the map):

Date             Summit                            QSO  Points
20/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-026 (Montaña de Arucas) 12 1
21/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-001 (Pico de Las Nieves) 12 10
21/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-003 (Moriscos)    28 10
23/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-022 (Roque Aguairo)             17 1
26/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-010 (Morro de la Hierba Huerto) 21 10
28/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-024 (Amagro)                     27 1
29/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-025 (Pico de Gáldar)            18 1
30/Apr/2018 EA8/GC-006 (Tamadaba)                  24 10
05/May/2018 EA8/GC-011 (Montaña de Tauro)          34 8

Click on any of the links above to read the full report for that summit.
Need even more info ? Send me a mail on my qrz.com address, and I'll send you everything you need to know.

I did visit the ones in a yellow circle, but did not activate them.
26/Apr/2018  EA8/GC-002  (Roque Nublo)         ( impossible to climb, at least for me! )
07/May/2018 EA8/GC-012  (Amurga)                 ( had to return because of  fatigue and bad wx )

Some statistics :

I drove 1334 km in 22 days on the island, in a small Citroën C1 rental car. 
I stayed in 4 different places, all booked via AirBnb, and met some lovely people !
I made 193 QSO's from 9 summits, which got me 52 activator points.
I made   34 S2S QSO's, resulting in 172 S2S points.

Many thanks to Geert PA7ZEE and Heinz OE5EEP for all the invaluable help in preparing this trip !

See you on the next one !


Luc - EA8/ON7DQ  >>> Read about my first summit here :

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