EA8/GC-003 (Moriscos)

For this summit, I was told by Tino, EA8CLF (see my report on Pico de las Nieves) that I could drive up the forest track to a point not too far from the summit.
Start of that car track is at the parking spot along the road GC-150 here : 28.023802, -15.612962

The track has to be driven with some care, but even with my small rental car, I easily found the parking spot near the Cruz de Moriscos at this position : 28.02092, -15.61733

From there it is only a 10 minute walk to the summit, see track map below.
The track is also on the SMP Tracks Page here :

The weather was again cloudy and wet ... so I quickly setup on the highest possible point .. a pile of rocks near the gated property on the summit itself (also the vertice is not accessible to the public), hoping to do some good catches .. who knows I could work some NA activators ?

I was QRV at 13:30 UTC and kept calling for one hour and a half ... until I had to QRT because of the rain.
This got me 29 QSO's in the log , of which 10 were S2S ... but NONE were DX ... so far for the NA<>EU event :-(

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