EA8/GC-002 (Roque Nublo)

During my activation of Morro de la Hierba Huerto (see report here), I had a nice view of the "impossible" summit, Roque Nublo .. or freely translated  "Rock in the Clouds".
To have a valid activation, one would have to climb the 67m high volcanic rock. So it is not really impossible, but I'll leave this summit to others ...

On the return from my activation, I had to pass the parking lot for Roque Nublo , so I decided to pay a quick visit (parking pos is27.965631, -15.601369) .

The weather was nice, and the climb to the plateau near the rock is about half an hour, along an easy path. There was a constant stream of visitors, so impossible to get lost here. Enjoy some of the nice views below ...

And finally, Roque Nublo in all it's glory ... impressive !

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