EA8/GC-022 (Roque Aguairo)

This summit is only 1 point, and a lot of trouble to get it ... read on !

There is a track for this summit in the SMP , posted by the first activator, Heinz OE5EEP.
It comes from the GC-104, first going South, then North again to a certain point "A" (see map below), from where the summit can be reached, following the stone men and blue paint dots.

I got a report from Geert, PA7ZEE, about his activation in Feb 2018, telling that this track is no longer possible. It is blocked by a large new windmill park. Geert did reach the summit by scrambling over the rocks from the East (starting at the horse ranch), but did advise NOT to copy his experiment ...

After some mails with Heinz, I decided to try the approach from the road GC-551 (see : "new starting point" on the map above). Parking spot is at 27.891525, -15.483009

The summit looks very close from the new starting point, but ascent is not possible from the North. One has to go South to point A again, and follow Heinz' track from there.
In short ... it is a LONG walk ! (pun intended)

It took me over 2.5 hours to get there, and 2 hours to get back to my car.
This is the track as I recorded it, but it is not complete, my phone went off without me noticing it (the part with the straight line), but it gives a general idea, and the first part of the track is easy to follow anyway. I did put it up on the Tracks page, until someone records a better one (see link above).

On the summit it was hot, so I praised myself to have taken my umbrella !

I logged 17 QSO's on this one, most on 20m, a good mix of SSB and CW.
I was happy to see 3 Belgians in my log that day : ON4FI, ON3YB and ON4VT.

For CW I tried my newest paddle : the AME Porta Paddle II with leg strap.
The paddle works fine, but I wasn't really satisfied with using a leg strap. If you don't pull the strap firmly, the paddle sits loose ... but if you pull it firmly, it cuts off the blood in your leg ... and I didn't wan't a sleeping leg to start the descent of the summit ... so after that one time, I went back to my beloved Palm Pico paddle !

After this tiring walk, you would think it was time for a shower and a good rest ... but NO !

I was staying in Santa Brígida with Dolores, a lady who is also a Zumba teacher, and as it happens, Zumba is one of my other passions besides SOTA.
That evening was one of the chances to join her Zumba class. So off I went for another hour of excercise ... and in good company as you can see ;-)

Do I need to tell I slept verrrrrry well that night ?

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