EA8/GC-025 (Pico de Gáldar)

Pico de Gáldar is an extinct volcano near the city of Gáldar. To the summit, it's an easy 25 minutes walk along gravel road, from the parking spot at the end of Calle Méjico at 28.153490, -15.636915. 
I have seen a car drive up to the summit too, it is not forbidden, but I didn't want to wreck my little rental car ... the road is full of potholes.
The track is on the SMP, but you don't really need it.

Near the parking spot is a small monument, and from there you have a nice view over the ocean, and the many banana plantations. 
Along the track you will also see a nice cave (indicated on the map above).

This summit could as well be called the "Pico de las Torres", because it is full of radio towers ... see for yourself :

The main tower probably couldn't take any more antennas, so they decided to put some more , smaller towers beside it ... hi.

On the eastern slope of the summit are a number of crucifixes, forming a calvary, and possibly along another track to the summit. But just like Heinz, OE5EEP, I didn't investigate any further.

I did setup my station just below the crosses at the main tower, and had no interference.
18 QSO's in the log, alas no DX, but a nice S2S with friend Michael DB7MM/P !

As a funny note : from my operating position I could see the roof terrace of the apartment where I stayed. I took a picture with the 30x zoom lens in my pocket camera.
In the morning , the friendly lady had helped me doing some laundry (I was halfway my trip and only brought enough clothes for 10 days ..).
I could easily check that my laundry was still hanging on the line ...  hi (click the picture to enlarge).

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