EA8/GC-026 (Montaña de Arucas)

For my first activation on Gran Canaria, I chose an easy drive-up summit.
However the drive up the summit may be easy .. the drive through the narrow and steep streets of Arucas is not. The smaller your car, the better ! 

On the summit, there is a large parking area around the big cross. Parking position is 28.124887, -15.522742

For my activation I chose a spot a bit out of sight, below the parking lot at the South side, accessible via a stone staircase. The few trees down there also gave me some shade.

Setup was my usual KX3 at 15W and 9.15m endfed.
I started calling CQ at 09:10 UTC on 20m CW.
Conditions were rather poor, but I still managed to make 12 QSO's, and 2 of those were S2S. 
Not too bad as a start. 
At 10:30 UTC I had to give up because it started raining, so I went to eat my sandwich in the car. When the rain stopped I tried calling on 2m FM, but had no luck there ...

After the activation I went to visit the very nice town of Firgas, the "Villa del Agua" or the "Water City". It is the origin of the water with the same name that you can buy everywhere on the island.
More info on Firgas here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firgas


The main attraction in Firgas is the "Paseo de Canarias", which has beautiful decorations with typical ceramic tiles.


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