EA8/GC-010 (Morro de la Hierba Huerto)

This summit takes a long walk to the top ... but the landscape and the views are wonderful.

There is a track by OE5EEP to reach this summit from Morro de la Cruz Grande following the ridge between the two summits. It is more than 8 km long !

If you only want to do this summit, there is a shorter route, suggested by PA7ZEE, but it is still 4.5 km and over 400m ascent.
It starts at the Presa de Chira, parking spot is here 27.905044, -15.639136.

While I walked, a water truck came down over the forest track, so I suppose one could drive a car up there too ... there was no sign forbidding it ...
But further up the summit, the road is blocked with a chain, so you still would have to walk for about half an hour (that chain is here 27.894586, -15.637300) .

I took the walk all the way from the parking spot, it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the summit (including some drink & photo stops).
Halfway you can rest on a bench at a small cave. Take plenty of water !

I wasn't sure about the weather or the temperatures at the summit, so I took an extra nylon backpack (which I just had bought at the decathlon store near Telde, 10€), and packed a fleece, a rain coat, an umbrella,and an extra bottle of water.
Also from Decathlon, a 5€ telescopic walking stick, which proved very useful on several occasions !
It kept me from stumbling, coming down a steep rocky path on a couple of other summits.

This is the track I walked, you can donwload it from the SMP tracks page here

For the first part you can walk easily in the rain gutter, if it's dry of course (see picture above).
The rest is all forest track (gravel), all the way to the summit.

On the summit, there is a tree with two big stones, where one can nicely setup in the shade.
Use one stone for your rig, and the other one makes a nice chair !

I didn't have to use my umbrella ... and I could have saved taking all the coats too ! Of course you only know this when you're at the sumit ...

I had a nice stay on the summit, no QRM from the radio tower or solar panels nearby, and my log showed 21 QSO's (CW and SSB, 18-14-10 MHz), including one with my friend Geert PA7ZEE, and even a DX contact with N4EX.
No S2S this time, but you can't have it all ... right ?

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