SOTA FH 2017 : Day 4

No SOTA activation on this day, but of course I met some SOTA friends at the QSL wall at noon.

But first the Ham Radio !

The fair looked the same as last year, one hall for the larger companies and clubs, the DARC taking the larger part of that section.
Two halls for the flea-market, where many smaller companies also offered new stuff, be it in kit form or completely built equipment.

Of course I had to visit the Elecraft booth, to see if there was maybe a new QRP rig ?
No nothing, the only new thing was a 1500W amplifier, the KXPA1500 (it's not for sale yet).
Not really what I needed, it is a little too heavy for my backpack, although it would make my wallet some 6000$ lighter, hi.
After a long wait I had the chance to briefly speak to Eric, WA6HHQ.
(apparently, Eric is also an avid diver, hence the wait, he was showing lots of pictures to some other ham/diver).
He remembered me showing my high-tech TicTacMic last year (see  : https://on7dq.blogspot.be/2017/04/my-kx3-tictacmic.html).
This time I brought my very "low-tech" clothespeg paddle, he seemed very amused, hooked it up to a KX2 to see if it really worked. It did , and one of the other Elecraft people made a short video of it. Not sure if they will post it anywhere.

A visit to the fleamarket is really a very tiring activity, strolling by the endless tables, full of stuff, junk for one person, a real "find" for someone else ...

It's not possible to see it all in one go, so I was glad to have a break at noon, because it was time for the SOTA meeting at the QSL wall.

In the afternoon, I went back to see the rest of the fleamarket. I saw a nice stand of a new Czech company (https://www.hamshop.cz/ , click on the English flag top right). I bought some crystals for the popular QRP frequencies, so I have something to keep me busy during winter.

After that I went to the main hall to pick up some stuff I ordered for myself and for a friend, had a yummy piece of "Apfelkuchen" with coffee at the stand outside , and went home (to my BnB that is).

(to be continued ...)

Luc - ON7DQ

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