SOTA FH 2017 : Day 9

This was the last day of my FH SOTA tour, and I intentionally had left out a couple of summits in my March tour. So this day I would do three of the remaining five I had to do to have activated all ON/ON summits again this year. I hope to do the last two somewhere this fall.

An easy drive-up summit. Having done all ON summits last year, I know my way around all of them. So no problem finding the parking spot at 49.545825, 5.753395.
Operated from the bench near the car, which is in the AZ. Of course one can always walk a little to the exact summit, but it is a very flat ridge, so it does not really matter much.
Had a good pile-up on this one, getting 24 QSO's in 35 minutes, all on 40m, SSB and CW. Three S2S contacts too.

ON/ON-016, Les Aisances 

Easy to find parking spot at the junction of two roads here : 49.767429, 5.207851.
If you like, you can even operate south of this junction, along the road "Route des Routis", which is partly in the AZ. But there is quite some traffic passing by, so I chose to walk a while in the woods and up the summit and find a nice spot where I wouldn't be bothered much.
KX3 and andfed worked well as usual, hetting me 30 QSO's on 40m and 20m, and using CW and SSB.

ON/ON-021, Plantis de Mesnil 

Another very easy summit to reach. Parking spot off the road is at 50.177280, 4.916743. The entrance is not so easy to see, make sure you don't miss it. The summit is just a short walk past the gate, until you see a cabin. Somewhere near that cabin makes a nice operating spot.

Since this would be the last summit of my tour, I wanted it to be a bit special ... what could I do ?
Well, I did wear "the hat" during all of this activation (honest !). See Day 5 of this trip in case you don't know about "the hat" ... hi.

I took some selfies, and used one of the pictures for a special QSL card, which has been sent out to all 18 station who called me on this summit. If you were not lucky chasing me, this is the QSL card.

And that concludes the (rather lengthy) report of my July 2017 FH/SOTA Tour.
I had a lot of fun doing the tour, and in writing about it as well, and I hope the info about the summits is useful to future activators. 
If you still want more details, send me an e-email (address is on qrz.com), I'll help you where I can. 

CU on my next SOTA Tour !


Luc - ON7DQ 

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