Andalucia SOTA Tour

This time I was travelling with a good friend, so this was going to be a TOURIST tour !
But with some clever negotiating (promising that we would see some wonderful views etc ) ... I managed to get 11 SOTA activations into the travel schedule, hi.
One summit had to be canceled because of delay and heat, and one was replaced by another, easier summit , so I still did 10 activations in total.

Here the activated summits, click on the link to go directly to the page with more details and many pictures :

Date Summit Call used QSO’s Points
20/May/2019 EA7/MA-013 (Camorro Siete Mesas) EA7/ON7DQ 17 6
20/May/2019 EA7/MA-032 (Zambra) EA7/ON7DQ 39 4
22/May/2019 EA7/MA-027 (Reina) EA7/ON7DQ 30 4
25/May/2019 EA7/GR-051 (Calar) EA7/ON7DQ 43 8
26/May/2019 EA7/GR-088 (Alto de los Jarales) EA7/ON7DQ 47 6
28/May/2019 EA4/CR-005 (Abugaloso) EA4/ON7DQ 5 4
01/Jun/2019 EA7/SE-025 (Palomarejo) EA7/ON7DQ 23 1
01/Jun/2019 EA7/SE-026 (Carmona) EA7/ON7DQ 13 1
04/Jun/2019 EA7/CA-007 (Lijar) EA7/ON7DQ 32 4
06/Jun/2019 EA7/MA-077 (Las Mesas) EA7/ON7DQ 38 4

Totals 287 42
So I made an average of 28.7  QSO's per summit.
Also made 20 S2S QSO's , resulting in 108 S2S points, and this got me to the 2500 S2S points mark.

Operating in EA7 and EA4 also made me activate in 15 regions,bringing me to the level of the Mountain Explorer GOLD.

Read more details of all activations ...  the first activations were on Day 2

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