ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2019 - Day 1

Day 1

ON/ON-004, Bois de Hazeille - 586m, 6 Points

Drive up - Parking spot 50.031536, 5.427229

After leaving my home QTH in Ostend at 05:15, taking a short stop for breakfast, and having some traffic delay around Brussels as usual, I arrived at my first summit around 09:00 local.

I set up my endfed with a longer wire this time (length abt. 21.3m) as an inverted-V on the 6m pole, hoping to get a better signal on 80m than with the 9.15m wire I normally use.
I could work 4 chasers (3 ON stations and Mike DJ5AV), with reports between 57 and 59, so I suppose the antenna does work quite well, even when so low above ground.

On 60m , I could only get Fabio, IK2LEY.
All other QSO's were on  40m, where I attracted a good number of chasers, and a final call on 20m got me only 1 QSO. Total number of QSO's was 32, not a bad start.

Here my nice setup, using the SOTA flag in another way than intended ;-)

ON/ON-017, Bois Haut - 405m, 4 Points

Drive up - Parking spot 49.545825, 5.753395

I arrived at my second summit at 11:25 local, so I quickly set up on the bench near the parking spot, which is in the AZ. I made it a short activation, but still got 21 QSO's in the log, with an incredible 11 S2S QSO's .. wow ! 

After that, it was time for my favourite lunch ... Boulettes Liègoises ... even when I was in Arlon, hi.

In the afternoon I went swimming, then some shopping in Luxemburg and of course filling up my car with cheap fuel !

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