ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2019 - Day 9

Going Home !

When I got up for breakfast, the "lady of the house" had made me some lovely cookies, what a nice surprise !
I took an early breakfast in the hope I could do the last 2 summits on my list before it got too hot, and also to get around Brussels before the traffic was too heavy.

Both summits are very easy ... like most Belgian summits, hi.
First target was 

ON/ON-016, Les Aisances - 445m, 4 Points

Not much to tell about this easy summit, see my previous report here

I made a short activation with only 9 QSO's and 1 S2S.

ON/ON-021, Plantis de Mesnil - 306m, 2 points

I was glad to see that the small parking spot (just off the main road) had been cleared. See my previous report of 2018 here.

So, I took my stuff and walked to the cabin near the summit, and set up in the same spot as last year.

And to end this SOTA trip in beauty ... I stayed a bit longer on the summit, and made 23 QSO's, including 5 S2S.
Mission accomplished, and with a happy feeling I could take on the long drive home.

I left the parking spot at 12:50 local time, with a temperature of 33°C in the shade !
The traffic was rather calm and I got home in Ostend at 15:30, where it was a COOL 19°C , quite a difference.

It was a nice trip with good weather and many nice SOTA activations, and meeting all the friends.
I enjoyed it all very much !
Thanks to all the chasers and activators for filling my logbook.
See you on the next one.

Luc - ON7DQ

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