ON7DQ Friedrichshafen 2019 - Day 5

More Ham Radio and the SOTA Meeting

Some of the things I stopped by ...

The High Speed CW club of DA0HSC ... good that they had a decoder and a large screen on site, to let us follow the QSO's they made.

In the central hall, I saw a car with a very familiar callsign on it : DL8JJ , that is Emil, our "crazy and extreme" SOTA activator. I didn't really find out what the setup was about, certainly not a portable SOTA setup ... or was it ? You're never sure with Emil ... hi.

And on the fleamarket I was tempted to buy this walkie-talkie, it would fit my posture very well don't you think ? 

SOTA meet & greet

At noon of course, more familiar  happy faces at the QSL wall

The BIG SOTA Meeting

The main course of the Ham Radio for us SOTA aficionados is of course the big gathering on the Saturday afternoon. 

Juerg, HB9BIN announced that he would no longer organize it, but found a worthy succesor in Sylvia, OE5YYN. I'm sure Sylvia will perform this task perfectly ... and make all sessions begin and end ON TIME ! HI 3x

Andy, MM0FMF informed us of the cost of running the SOTA servers for one year ... among other noteworthy news about the SOTA programme.

Also Manuel, HB9DQM had brought us a nice surprise !
He programmed a new "fast" mapping application, which works as well on PC's as on a phone/tablet.

UPDATE : in the mean time, this application has gotten its own name "SOTLAS" (SOTA Atlas), and has  its own website, it can be found here
Beside the maps, it also shows the summits, spots and alerts, with nice filtering options.
And you can dig up all kinds of statistics about the summits and activators, presented in clear and colorful graphs !

And of course "crazy" Emil, DL8JJ had brought us a video of an extreme activation !

I can't mention all presentations, but you can find all the powerpoints here

I didn't buy a ticket for the Sunday at the fair, but instead had planned a tour of the three Hegau Volcano summits, read on how that went in the next post ...

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