EA8/GC-011 (Montaña de Tauro)

Now staying on the south coast of Gran Canaria, I did some visists like most tourists do. 
I took a boat trip from the prestigious hotel Anfi del Mar to Puerto Mogan, which was very nice. 
And of course I went to the beach at Maspalomas, and walked to see the impressive Dunes landscape.

4 Days before going home I visited another SOTA summit, Montaña de Tauro, EA8/GC-011.
The parking spot at the lake 'Embalse Salto del Perro' is worth a visit in itself, it's sooo beautiful ... .
Parking spot is here 27.904941, -15.686164

The track starts a little further down the road at 27.904240, -15.686831

I was lucky to meet a young German couple from Bremen. They were also going to the summit, they seemed well prepared and were using an "old fashioned" walking map and  guide book. Why do we need a GPS, right ?
So I joined them and didn't care much about the track, and also forgot to record it ... sorry !

And indeed, trying to keep up the pace of their young legs, I finally reached the summit after about one hour. The young lady was also friendly enough to take a couple of nice pictures of me.
On top of this page: ON7DQ before the climb. Below : ON7DQ after the climb ...note the sweaty T-shirt, hi.

The summit has a nice "rock shack", so I had a comfortable activation.
The weather was nice, I had taken some food and drink, and was in no hurry, so I spent almost three hours on the summit. I didn't know then that this would be my last activation for this trip ...

I could log 34 contacts in total, but for the last five, I had prepared something special.
I had taken an extra rig with me, the QCX 5W CW transceiver by QRP Labs (20m version).
Since this rig has no antenna tuner I had also carried a tuneable endfed for 20m.
I used the ultra-light mini-paddle described here on the Reflector, weight only 9g, and that includes the connector and short cable !

So after putting up another antenna and rig, I spotted myself with the request to work me again. 
In less than 4 minutes I had 5 more QSO's in the log !
Mni tnx to IK1GPG OH9XX PA1BR HB9CGA and ON6UU.
I got reports from 119 up to 599.  

So far for a most enjoyable (last) activation on Gran Canaria !


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