Ardennes and Luxemburg SOTA Tour

I  wanted to activate the four Luxemburg summits, and grab some more Belgian summits on the way, so I booked a nice AirBnb place in Arlon, and off I went ...

Equipment used on this trip : KX3 with a 12.6V/5800mAh LiPO
Power most of the time set at 10W, antenna was a homebrew link dipole for all bands from 40m up to 6m. Decathlon Lakeside travel pole 6m long, with simple ground spike.
Various small tables and chairs to choose from, depending on walking distance ...

August 6, 2016 - 4 ON/ON summits

ON/ON-017, Bois Haut - 405m, 4 points

I left Ostend at 05:45 local time, to my parking spot for this summit at 50.32272,  5.54484, where I arrived at 8:40 local, and 240 km of driving.
I came to this point via the village of Wéris, along the Rue du Broux.

The parking spot is in the AZ if you are in a hurry, but I walked 650m to the South-West, to find the trig point, which is at 50.318305, 5.536699.

The trig point is a large square block of concrete, so ideal to use as an operating table ;-)

With 49 qso's in the log, this was a good start of the tour !

ON/ON-019, Bois de Javingue - 365m, 2 points

I parked my car along the Allée des Moineaux, at this position 50.164948, 5.308194.
I couldn't drive any further like suggested by G4OBK, because everything was very muddy ... so I walked, until I picked up Phils' track as shown on the SMP.
The track goes South-West at first, and after a while it goes due West to the summit.
Somewhere along this last part, I found a nice spot to set up, which was well into the AZ.

On this one, I made 20 qso's, and had one S2S qso with Antonio EC2AG.

ON/ON-004, Bois de Hazeille - 586m, 6 points

Parking spot for this one is at pos 50.03334, 5.42859.
This is along a forest track in bad shape, that goes behind the radar towers on this summit.
It is a quiet place, but some military may come by on their patrol, so make sure to stay on the track and don't go into the forest !


I set up along the track and had a very good activation .... 42 QSO's in only 50 minutes, all on 40m and 20m, using SSB and CW.

Link Dipole (40-6m) on 6m pole

ON/ON-017, Bois Haut - 405m, 4 points

Last summit for this day, and also an easy drive up.
Parking spot is here 49.545825, 5.753395 , and this is in the AZ (you can check the place on Google Streetview).
There is a bench near the parking spot where you can operate, but I decided to walk 575m WEST to position 49.5436, 5.7461 , where the summit is.
I didn't find any trig point, so I'm not sure if there even is one.

Anyway, I did set up along the track, and  kept the activation a bit shorter, because I was getting behind on my schedule.
I made 19 QSO's in just over half an hour, and had one S2S.

After getting my favourite dinner at the Lunch Garden in Messancy ("Boulettes Liègoises and fries" , hi), it was time to find my BnB and have a good shower and some sleep ...

Continue reading on ... Day 2

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