OST Morse Box build by Gilbert ONL12523

For the circuit description of this project, see my previous post here

Gilbert has built the OST Morse Box into a nice cabinet, I think it deserves it's own page here!

He used an old cabinet that was deeper than needed, so he shortened the cabinet and the cover, to make the PCB fit nicely. This is the result.
Note that he didn't opt for a built-in Touch Paddle.

He added a separate linear power suply, for a "clean" power signal, and to avoid wear and tear on the USB port of the Arduino.
(Note: the mains lead could probably use a grommet and some better strain relief ... hi)

Drilling and filing all the holes and cutouts for the connectors would be quite cumbersome, so just leaving out a rectangular section at the back solves all that.

And this is what you get when it's all connected, in this case wired for the Icom IC-706MkIIG.

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